Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Making Books: 10

A few long days this week [already!] as I had a bunch of commissions and jobs to do. I managed to get a  good chunk of my pages for the ZERO sketchbook checked up, but I also had another project to collect together a second page reference book for a comic I'd drawn for another company a year ago. As it was sitting like a large toad on my desk top since January started, I thought I'd better just get it sorted and out of the way then go back to ZERO.

Books to make:
OM 2 Ref book- this week
ZERO sketchbook- end of Feb
M5- 2013

I've run out of printer ink so can't make my second dummy at the mo -_-;; so I'll have to just format my pages instead and wait til ink arrives by post.

I have some cover ideas  for ZERO too so I can continue with that. Otherwise, it's been pretty hard to start up drawing for several weeks now -_-;;

Have decided on a printer in mind for the project now. I made my decision on Saturday and contacted and got the final sorts of specs and formats off them on Monday.

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