Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Making books: Part 6

I spent some time the last few days choosing images and placing them to the number of pages I had specified to my book specs.

200 A4 pages to play about with.

Anyway- it's been a long job as I'd whittled down to about 400 images all different sizes and subjects which needed organising and paired up to fit in groups on a page or singly.

I decided to print them out and do this by hand. Even though it's fiddly, I can just do this bit so much faster by hand and eye than digitally on a comp.

Printouts of thumbnails of all the images I'm going to have in the sketchbook.
These are set up in date order by years. 2008-2012

Cut out and sorted into different subjects-
Mephistos/ Comics/ Original/ Fanart

Similar times and subjects are paired up stuck onto a post-it so I can swap them around later when I start setting up the page order format.

Roughly paired up. At this point I may still have to swap images around if they don't pair up well on an A4 page when I start making the pages in photoshop.

A large chunk of all the page thumbnails!

I managed to get up to  176 of these today- I'm going to spend some time later working out what inbetween/ content/ empty/ title pages i need then start seeing what i need to fill out. As a sketchbook, I didn't want to have too many big one page images as I want it to feel a bit more crowded.

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