Monday, 14 January 2013

Private commssion rate.

I've just been asked about these today, and thought I'd pop them up even if only so I can find this again if anyone ever asks!!

These are my private commission price rates- private commissions are not for reproduction or reuse in any form. Please ask for Commercial rates if you intend to use the artwork in any way other than for decoration or to have and own!

Commissions start from £10 [about $16 dollars] and upwards.

*From A5 up to B4 size monocolour 1 character bust or full body, no or minimal background
Pencil sketch or digital black and white printed on good paper- £10 ($16)

*Single character minimum background digital colour image up to A3 size printed or sent as a printable digital image. £20 ($32)

*Up to A4 watercolour painting 1 character minimal background  £40 ($64)

*Complex. Multicharacter black and white digital drawing with background up to A3 size £40 ($64)

*Full colour multi character drawing with background £100+ depending on commission requirements! ($161+)

Contact via naniiebimhbd(@)

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